Choosing An Original Trade Mark

When the time comes for you to decide on a trade mark, you should not consider the task lightly! A strong, unique and clever trade mark can contribute greatly to the popularity and success of your business. Put some effort into choosing a trade mark or get professionals to help you with this important task – the time and money spent on it will be worth it!

Be Original

If you want to make sure that no one else has a similar name than your trade mark and that you will consequently be able to register your trade mark easily, consider making up a word that is not in the dictionary. One such an example is ‘fanciful’. Or just think about the trade marks ‘Google’ or ‘Kodak’ – these names do not have a specific dictionary meaning, yet they are very successful. Do not, however, mistake incorrect spelling as the invention of a new word!

Also, if you use the incorrect spelling of a word, it might be confused for a popular trade mark and you might have to face legal action due to trade mark dilution. A few examples here would be ‘Kozak’ or ‘Goozle’ – if you should try to register these names for respectively a photography shop or Internet service, you will definitely have to face legal charges. But if you were to register the name ‘Kozak’ for a river rafting company or ‘Goozle’ for a baby clothing company, you will have no problem, as it poses no threat or dilution of trade mark to the person who registered the name first.

Avoid General Words

If you want to avoid trying again and again to register a trade mark, make sure you do not choose general words such as ‘Advanced Computers’ or ‘Italian Cuisine’. These names will not be accepted, as it will put restrictions on other businesses selling the latest computers or restaurants making Italian food. For similar reasons, place names and surnames are also generally not accepted when trying to register as part of a trade mark.

Consider Graphics

If you really want a striking and memorable trade mark, consider using a graphic with a word. For years and years people have been associating the Olympic rings with this big event or ‘The Colonel’ with KFC and the big yellow ‘M’ with Macdonalds. A graphic will make your trade mark stand out and it will be a catchy symbol to use on promotional items. People will recognise your trade mark wherever they go!

Do Research

If you have decided on a word that you feel is unique, also make sure that the word doesn’t have any obscure meanings in another language! It could either be offensive to some people or it could lead to your business being seen as a joke!

Take your time when choosing a trade mark and get all the input and professional help you can. Choosing a trade mark can be fun – but it also requires a lot of thought and hard work.