Because your brand is vital to your business, protecting it with a trademark is essential. We provide an expert, hassle free trademark registration service at a total, fully inclusive, fixed price. We register trademarks for a fixed cost of R5,885 per class of goods/services, so you can avoid the unexpected costs associated with firms that charge by the hour.

Our Clients

We provide quality trademark registration services for various businesses, both big and small and both local and international. Find out more about who we’ve done work for here.


We are a a fully compliant Contributor to South African BBBEE standards and have applied for an ISO 9001 accreditation as evidence of our commitment to service quality.

Free Trademark Advice

Brand Armour is currently (2024) active 175 countries worldwide and routinely provides advice and assistance with trade mark registrations both in South Africa and internationally.

In each country, Brand Armour takes responsibility for its associated high-level professionals and expert trademark lawyers. Whatever your size or type of business, our expert lawyers are committed to addressing your requirements by providing free registration advice.

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