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Trademark Guidelines

Brands are registered as trade marks in specific classes in respect of different products or services. For example cosmetic products, clothing products and fast food services all fall into different classes. Some businesses require registration in a single class, whilst others require registration in more than one.

Registration in each class costs a fixed amount of R5,885.  Complete the form, and we’ll conduct a free search to check that your trade mark hasn’t already been registered in South Africa for the same class of goods or services.

What You Get When You Register Your Trademark

What You Get When You Register Your Trademark

In short, everything is included in our fixed prices except for any opposition proceedings which might arise.

In the unlikely event of a legal opposition arising, we will advise you, and you can at that stage decide if you wish to incur any costs involved in overcoming the opposition.

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Please note that this free preliminary search will search for identical marks at the national Trade Marks Registry in South Africa for the same goods/services.