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Brands are registered as trade marks in specific classes such as cosmetic products, clothing products, fast food services, etc. Some businesses require registration in a single class, whilst others require registration in more than one.

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Register a Trademark for a Total, Fully Inclusive, Fixed Cost of R5,885

Protect your brand with a legally enforceable trademark registration, giving you rights of ownership in the brand. We provide an expert, hassle free service. Our low, fixed registration costs avoid the uncertainty and cost “blow-outs” associated with firms who charge by the hour.

Whether you are an individual, a small business or a large company, our skilled trademark lawyers provide expert advice and assistance with South African and International trademark registrations.

Why Register a Trademark?

Registration of your brand as a trade mark secures legal ownership and prevents others from using it. It also prevents others from registering the brand and compelling you to cease using it. Still not sure why you should register your trademark? Read more reasons here.

Register Your Trademark

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