Why You Should Register Your Trademark

There are more than enough good reasons to convince you to get your business name registered as a trade mark. Here are just a few reasons why you should do a good trade mark search and register your unique name as soon as possible.

Avoiding Extra Costs

If you do not register your trade mark immediately, you might face having to spend money you did not budget for: For example, if you find out some time down the line that there is another company with a similar business name than yours, and their name has been legally registered, you will have to change all your business cards, stationary, signs and whatever you have printed with the company name. The time and costs involved in changing a company’s name and letting clients know can be a tedious and expensive process.

It is therefore extremely important that you do an extensive trade mark search or ask a legal representative to help do this, in order to avoid using a trade mark name that has been registered. You will also have to face legal action should you be found infringing someone’s trade mark name or sign.

Avoid Losing Customers

As a result of your company having to change your name, you might lose quite a few customers. People are often confused when a business changes its name. They might wonder: are the having financial problems? Is it still the same company? Will I still get the same services? Will the people I know still work there? Does this show bad planning and administration on the company’s behalf, and won’t they be careless when handling my business?


Once your trade mark name is registered, you will be protected against anyone using your name or company sign. Someone might want to use a name that is similar to yours in order to deceive people into thinking that their business is similar to yours. If, however, your trade mark is registered, there are various laws that will protect you against something like this. Once you have registered your trade mark it is yours and no can use it.

Also, if you are found to be using someone else’s name (even though you did not know it), you might be asked to give up your business and lose everything. Therefore it is essential that you do a trade mark search and register your name, which will help you to find out whether the name you want to use has already been registered.

Registering your trade mark creates a safety net for your business. Take the time to register the name or sign you want as your trade mark, and you will be protected against infringers and you won’t lose your business due to being the infringer yourself!