Doing A Proper Trade Mark Search

It is extremely important that you do a trade mark search before making any final decision regarding what you will register as your trade mark. Why is it so important that you trade mark your business name, and why should you do careful research before doing so? Here are just a few answers to these [...]

Easy Registration Of Trade Marks

Trade marks are those words, phrases or graphics that are associated with one company only and that has been registered by the specific company as their ‘own’. The specific name or graphic is thus protected from other people using it – it is trade marked. People often feel discouraged by all the administration involved, such [...]

How Brands Add Value to a Business

Because brands drive future cash flows through effective market application, they are strategic assets. They add value to customers and are a key driver of business results, but must crucially be managed for the long-term. Research shows that a strong brand, effectively managed and executed, will deliver significant returns to business owners. Weaker brands can [...]


Maintaining Registered Trade Marks

Once you have done a good trade mark search and have registered your trade mark, it is your responsibility to make sure that it stays protected. Other people may be infringing your trade mark by making use of a similar name. This requires immediate legal advice. You have paid for your trade mark and have [...]

Selection of a Trade Mark

The following is a guide to the selection of a trade mark which, in an increasingly crowded market place, help distinguish one business from another and provide a competitive edge. CHOICE AND FUNCTION OF A TRADE MARK: Time spent at the outset in analyzing your business, your product and your market will pay off in [...]

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The Role TradeMarks Play in Domain Name Disputes

Is a trademark registration important in a domain name dispute? Whilst not the only factor to be taken into account, a trademark registration is nonetheless the most powerful single factor for succeeding in a dispute involving a domain name which incorporates the trademark. For this reason, the registration of a trademark in addition to the [...]

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Trade Mark Dilution

Trade Mark Dilution is when a well known trademark is blurred or tarnished due to another business making use of a mark that is very similar for products or services they deliver. Here is what you need to know about trade mark dilution. The Law And Trade Mark Dilution Trade mark laws today fortunately include [...]

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Trade Marks And Cyber Squatting

If you have worked hard to establish your business, and you have done all the promotional work to get to the top, you will be very upset to find out someone is using your trade mark to promote their own company. This is not something that happens only in extreme cases, but something that every [...]

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Trade Marks: What Is Allowed?

Trade marks – those words, phrases or graphics that has been registered as belonging to only one company – are not always easy to choose. When you have to decide on a trade mark, you don’t only have to make sure you are not infringing on anyone else’s trade mark by doing a thorough trade [...]

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What Are Trade Marks?

A trade mark could be a letter, logo, picture, phrase or word (and more) that are associated with one company only and that other companies and people are not allowed to use. For example, the names ‘KFC’ or ‘Coca-Cola’ are trade mark names and cannot be used by any other company. Anyone wanting to establish [...]

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