Protecting Your Brand

9 Reasons to Register Your Brand as a Trademark

Registering your Brand protects you from theft, and grants you immunity from 3rd party infringement actions.

  • Your brand is valuable: And it becomes even more valuable the more you use it. It is your signature which attracts the goodwill of your business and may go on to be worth many millions. Its ownership value can only be “locked in” through registration as a trademark.
  • Ownership: Registration of your brand as a trademark gives you exclusive rights of ownership. If you do not register your brand, someone else may, to your detriment, as they will become the owner.
  • Brand Theft: Registration as a trademark gives you rights of ownership of your brand and is essential to prohibit others from copying it. It is notice to others that they use a confusingly similar brand at their peril.
  • Brand Investment: Registration as a trademark secures your rights of ownership before time and money is spent on advertising and marketing your brand. You may be building up goodwill in a brand you do not even own! Someone else may decide to register your name or brand before you do! You may even be shut down and prevented from operating under your chosen brand! Protection of your brand is protection of your investment!
  • Exclusive Rights: Neither a company name nor a domain name registration protects your brands. Only a trademark registration does.
  • Franchising: Registration is paramount should you wish to franchise or license others to use your brands or business names.
  • Business Asset: Registration of your brands as trademarks provides proper protection of these assets on your balance sheet, gives yiur business value, and entitles certain important income tax deductions against the income generated by your business
  • Goodwill Protection: In the purchase of a business, a price is often being paid for cash flows generated by goodwill. Your goodwill is synonymous with your brand and warrants protection in order to ensure sustainability of income. When you sell your business, it is the trademarks which gives your business value and guarantee its turnovers, thus justifying a substantially higher sale price.
  • Infringement Immunity: Registration of your brands as trademarks guarantees immunity to infringement actions based on registered trade marks of other parties.

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