Brand Armour is an accredited supplier of low, fixed cost trademark registration services in South Africa and is unbeatable on price and great service. Low, fixed costs avoid the uncertainty and cost “blow-outs” of charging by the billable hour.

Why Register a Trademark?

Trademark” is another word for a brand, business name, slogan or logo. Trademarks identify the goods or services of a business and differentiate them from the goods and services of others. Through registration as trademarks, you obtain exclusive rights of ownership and can legally stop imitators. See our section on “Protecting your Brand – Why do it?” for more information on the benefits of trademark registration.

Looking for Trademark Advice?

Whether you work as an individual, own a small business or run a large company, our skilled trademark lawyers are committed to addressing your requirements by providing high quality, relevant legal advice and assistance on South African and International trademarks.