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AVAILABILITY SEARCHES FOR EXISTING TRADE MARK CONFLICTS   Prior to making your final selection of a new trademark, you must determine if anyone else is using the same, or a confusingly similar, trademark on either the same type or product or a related product.  The usual way this is done is to consult a trade [...]


Sources for Coined Trade Marks

SOURCES FOR COINED TRADEMARKS So much has been written on the coinage of trademarks like Exxon and Kodak that the subject has been reduced to something approximating an exact science.  Name-finder wheels give you all the possible alphabetical combinations of any desired length, three letters and up.  But computers today provide much greater depth and [...]


Considerations in Selecting a New Special Product Trade Mark

  Let us assume that none of your existing trademarks will serve your purpose.  There are roughly three types of trademarks to choose from:  meaningless, suggestive, descriptive.   Meaningless Trade Marks   These are arbitrary mark which, initially at least, connote nothing about the product of its use.  Known as “strong” trademarks, they are the [...]


How does a Trade Mark Function?

Before starting out in search of a trademark, be sure that you know how a trademark functions.  In very simple terms:   A trademark is a symbol used by a manufacturer or merchant to identify his goods and distinguish them from those of his competitors.   If the symbol identifies and distinguishes, it is said [...]


Choosing the right Trade Mark.

CHOOSING THE RIGHT TRADEMARK   Introduction As anyone who has had a hand in creating a trademark knows, you must have a clear understanding of what you want your trademark to do.  Time spent at the outset in analyzing your business, your product, and your market will pay off later on. Is your product a [...]


The Increasing Importance of Trade Marks

  Before the age of consumerism, Othello would say “he that filches from me my good name robs me of that which does not enrich him, and makes me poor indeed”. This changed when trademarks also became selling tools and enrichment from filching goodwill by appropriating such trademarks became part of the commercial arena. A [...]


Choosing An Original Trade Mark

When the time comes for you to decide on a trade mark, you should not consider the task lightly! A strong, unique and clever trade mark can contribute greatly to the popularity and success of your business. Put some effort into choosing a trade mark or get professionals to help you with this important task [...]

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